Craft Subscription Box OMG!!!

Hi Everyone! I’m super excited, because I just found a web store that sells different craft supplies, but mainly leans towards resin crafts! They have a bajillion molds, and several different types of resin. There are also a lot of glitter and other sorts of add ins!

But what really has me excited is the subscription boxes they have! I’ve heard several YouTube crafters mention it, so I had to check it out! I’d say you definitely get your money’s worth with them! I’m still waiting on mine to get here, but I’ve seen several people online open theirs, and they look like so much fun!

The name of the site is Sophie & Toffee. You really should go check them out! They’re called Elf Boxes. How cute is that? LOL And some extra fun for you. If you sign up for the box by clicking the link above, you get $3 off your first box! Woo hoo!

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