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Painting Assembly Line

Hi! It’s almost Christmas, and as with many years, I am making some gifts. So, I’ve got a bit of an assembly line of paintings going this evening!

I’m following a tutorial called Snow Birds on YouTube by a lovely lady called The Art Sherpa. She has a bunch of tutorials on her page. And she is so much fun to watch! Her and her husband are very sweet people. Anyway, I want to give several people paintings, so I’ve got four going all at the same time! LOL

I also did a special one for my youngest daughter. I got the idea one day when we were talking. When I told her about the image that popped into my head, she said she’d love a painting of it! I think she forgot all about it though, so she’ll be really tickled to see that I actually did it! LOL

I’m calling it I May Be Small, But I Am Large. You see, my 22 year old is only 4′ 11″. 😉

I did that one with watercolors. The others are acrylics. I liked how it turned out, but I’m not sure I’d want to work with watercolors very much. I’ll post my finished products when they’re done!

Peace, out!

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